Veterinary and Animal Husbandry

I N T R O D U C T I O N:

Siddipet District is rich in Live Stock resources with high milk production from the resources of 1 to 2 Milch Animals at small and marginal farmers, small dairy units, Commercial Dairy farms, Sheep & Goat at Rural Shepherd Community, Back Yard Poultry in the villages at Rural poor people for sustainable income with fulfillment of their protein requirements and rich in commercial Broiler Chicken production and Egg production through highest Layers population in the State. These all Live Stock resources play an important role in improvement and sustainable income of rural livelihood.

The mandate given to Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Department is to build the health of the Nation by increasing of availability of Animal Origin Protein food from Milk, Meat and Eggs to Human population by scientific breeding, feeding and disease management of Livestock. Besides it is a major part of GDP of the Nation. The department with the Veterinary Professionals is trying to enhance Animal productivity and their production for extra income to the small and marginal farmers along with the implementation of various Livestock based poverty alleviation programmes i.e., Milch Animal Distribution Scheme and Sheep Rearing Development Scheme to the Shepherd Community.

The Department is also helping the small and marginal farmers by supplying Fodder Seed for Green fodder production and Chaff Cutters to decreasing the shortage of Fodder.

The Character of the Animal Husbandry Department in brief:  

The aim of the Department and services provided to Livestock farmers

a) Treatment of Ailing animals

b) Prevention and control of infections and contagious diseases through Deworming of Livestock and preventive vaccination of Livestock.

c) Improving the managemental practices at farmer level by orientation trainings.

d) Propagating green fodder production introduction of exotic and hybrids high yield varieties of green fodder varieties preservation methods of green fodder arranging demonstration where ever possible.

e) Scientific breeding by using superior quality germplasm to increase milk production.

f) Improving of Green Fodder production by supplying fodder seed to farmers for high Milk production.

g) Methods to improve the nutritive values of existing fodder.

h) Providing marketing facilities and remunerative value for livestock and livestock products. Elimination of middle and to improve the economy of rural masses.

i) Contributes to National Development Programme.

j) Improve livestock industry, make it profitable and there by provide self employment opportunities for the rural youth of the nation.

k) Coordinating with Health Department in controlling of Zoonotic diseases

l) Providing relief measures to Livestock during natural Calamities

m) Providing Technical support to Livestock based poverty alleviation scheme.

n) Updating the Technical skills of Veterinary and Para Veterinary Staff at regular intervals by trainings.


The Office of the District Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Department, Siddipet District is supervising the following (93) Veterinary Institutions in 24 Mandals

  • Area Veterinary Hospitals————-5
  • Primary Veterinary Centers——– -37
  • Sub Center (Animal Husbandry)—- 51
  • Total—————————————93
S.No Livestock Siddipet
1 Cattle 163578
2 Buffaloes 167387
3 Breedable Population
a) Cows 57252
b) Buffaloes 58585
  Total Breedable population 115838
4 Sheep 551526
5 Goat 145909
6 Others 16396
  Total 1044796
7 Commercial Poultry 18581908
8 Backyard poultry 609422
Cadre Strength of o/o the DV&AHO, Siddipet:
S.No Name of the Post Sanctioned Name of the employee Phone No.

District Veterinary & Animal Husbandry Officer

(Joint Director)

1 Dr. N. Satyprasad Reddy (FAC) 8790997675
2 Assistant Director 1 Dr. D. Ravi 8790997769
3 Superintendents 1 Md. Zubair Ahmed 8978901267
4 Senior Assistants 2

1) S. Madhu Manohar

2) G. Madhu



5 Junior Assistants 1 K. Sai 9966804277
6 Typist 1 I. Kanakaraju 7674919021
7 VDO (Fodder) 1 Vacant  
8 Record Assistant 1 Vacant  
9 Office Subordinate 3

1) Renuka

2) Saraswathi



  TOTAL 12    

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