Survey & Land Records

 Department Activities: 

  • Survey and Land Records Department was established in the year 1875 From 1920 Survey has been taken up in Telangana while using Bombay System of Survey and completed the survey works up to 1956.
  • In this process of survey, every field has been given a number named as Tippon and prepared Village Maps (Dry & Wet),and Register are prepared i.e.  Sethwar, Wasool Baqui other records for every Revenue Village. By using the above records, this Department was solving the Survey Boundaries Disputes, Village Boundaries disputes.
  • This Department also participating in the main Role in Land Acquisition Works, Assignment Works, Govt Interested and other works such as road, canal railways etc.
  • The main aim is to demarcate the land of Pattedar and fixing up the boundaries, subdivisions of land, land acquisitions. The department is engaged in maintenance & updating land records such as
  1. Tippons
  2. Village maps
  3. Sethwar
  • The department is established with Technical staff and ministerial staff. The technical staffs such as surveyor working in mandal levels attending demarcation works at their mandals and they have been monitored by the Deputy inspector of survey, who is working RDO office in Division level. The technical staff such as SDM, CD. Gr – I & II will be available in the office and will be scrutinize the record.
  • Minister staff i.e Junior Assistant & Senior Assistant, Superintendent will be maintaining the office administration and make the correspondence of files and will run the office.
  • The total District staff will be supervised by the Assistant Director/Inspector of survey. He provides the technical guidelines to staff when never necessary and maintenance of District survey records in Head office for smooth running of District survey works in district.
  • Departmental Works
  • Land acquisition
  • Land Alienations
  • Issuing the supplementary Sethwar
  • F- live petitions
  • CA files
Key Contacts
S.No Name of the officer Designation Phone Number  Email Address


M.D Vinay Kumar

Inspector of survey



P. Sai Krishna Goud

Superintendent (I/C)




Junior Assistant