Ground Water

  1.  Department Activities: 
    • The main activities of the Department are to carryout Hydrogeological, Geophysical and Hydrological surveys to delineate potential zones of groundwater, including water logging areas and groundwater stressed areas for optimum usage.
    • Ground water surveys for selection of suitable sites for construction of different types of wells for Agriculture, drinking water, Govt. Departments and other usages under WALTA .
    • Groundwater investigations in the lands of SC/ST farmers and also exploratory drilling of bore wells which were targeted in the annual action plan under SCSDF /STSDF.
    • Conducting ground water investigations for selection of sites for construction of Percolation Tanks, Check Dams and Rainwater Harvesting Structures to recharge ground water.
    • Conducting environmental studies for Sandmining, Granite mining and industries of Public and private sectors and also carrying out groundwater pollution studies whenever called by the district administration.
    • According Groundwater clearance to industries through TS-ipass.
    • According technical clearance for infiltration (I.F.) wells for Irrigation and drinking water under Lift irrigation scheme .
    • This department is taking up estimation of Groundwater Resources in the district at periodic intervals for scientific planning, development and management for its sustainability. Groundwater estimation is a key role in many programs being taken up by the government
    • Conducting awareness programs in over exploited areas, suggesting on effective utilization, conservation through artificial recharge structures and management.     
    • Monitoring of monthly water levels to know the changes in groundwater regime through network of Piezometers and observation wells and water quality analysis during pre and post monsoon seasons.

2.Department Schemes:

  • SCSP (Scheduled caste sub plan) Investigation of sites and taking up exploratory drilling as per Annual Action plan.
  • LPS (Land purchase Scheme)Investigation of sites and taking up exploratory drilling as per Annual Action Plan.
  • TSP (Tribal Sub plan) Investigation of sites and taking up exploratory drilling as per Annual Action Plan.

3.Key Contacts :

Key Contacts
S.No Name of the officer Designation Phone Number  Email Address
1 Sri C.Seetharam District Ground Water Officer 9154119703
2 Sri E.Satyanarayana Assistant Hydro Geologist 9703323218
3 Sri M.Praveen Kumar Assistant Hydrologist 8500127521
4 Smt T.Swapna Junior Assistant 9398277242
5 Sri Shaik Khadar Junior Assistant 8309487410