Intermediate Education

  •     Department Activities :  
    • The Board of Intermediate is committed to provide better quality and equity education to all levels in the state. The Intermediate Course is fundamentally important for students as it acts as a passport to their future careers.
  •    Schemes
    • Free and compulsory Education to all the children in 11th to 12th classes in Government Junior Colleges.
    • Instructed to private Junior College managements to provide 25% of seats to the poor and disadvantaged family children absolutely free.
    • Providing Transport concession  and scholarships to the children of Junior Colleges.
  • Planning  :
    • Preparation of Annual Work Plan & Budget.
    • Review meetings with Principals of all Junior Colleges ,
    • Updation of the details of teaching and non teaching through Inter Board
    • Updation of GIS information of all colleges with relevant data.
    • Updation affiliation of all junior colleges in every academic year beginning.
    • Monitoring on sanitation in Junior Colleges .
  • Quality :
    • Implementation of all Academic Programmes as approved by Board of Intermediate Education.
    • Monitoring and Academic visits to Government Private Junior Colleges premises.
    • Vocational Education:
    • Effective implementation of the programme in the targeted colleges.
    • Organizing events like job melas at various college with the cooperation of  various hospitals.
    • Tracking the progress of Vocational Education regularly.
    • In Siddipet District there are 20 Government Junior Colleges, 35 Government Sector Junior Colleges(TS Model School Junior Colleges, TS Minority Junior Colleges, SC, ST, BC Welfare Junior Colleges and KGBV Junior Colleges)  and 32 Private Un aided Junior Colleges are  
    • The Board of Intermediate Education, Hyderabad and District Intermediate Educational Offices are monitoring
  • Games and Sports :
    • Games Federation of India is constituted to identify and encourage the talent in sports and games of the college children.
  • Activities :
    • The following activities will be conducted duly every academic year as per the schedule.
    • Games and sports will be conducted on the occasions of State Formation Day, Independent Day and Republic Day .
    • The winners at District level will participate to the state level events.
    • To develop Physical fitness, Sports spirit, self confidence, discipline, unity in diversity and patriotism among the students through Games and Sports.
    • And also conducted Essay writings, drawing competitions at colleges level for encouraging their skills on the special occasions.
  • Key Contacts:
Key Contacts:
S.No Designation Contact. No.
1 District Intermediate Educational Officer 9440816015


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