Handlooms and Textiles

The Department of Handlooms and Textiles is concerned with Handlooms, Powerlooms in the Co-operative and decentralized sector and setting up of Apparel and Textile Parks in the Garment sector. The Assistant Director of Handlooms and Textiles, Siddipet is charged with the responsibility of supervision over the working of Weavers Cooperative Societies (Cotton, Silk & Wool), Apex Societies, Powerlooms Societies and Garment Tailor Societies, implementation of schemes relating to Handlooms and Powerlooms in the Cooperative and Decentralized sector. he is also vested with statutory and regulatory functions such as Inspections, Enquiries, Arbitrations, Executions, and Liquidations under A.P.C.S. Act 1964. She/he is assisted by Officers of various categories at District and field level. He is the Registrar of Co-operative Societies under the A.P.C.S. Act.

          As per recent Handloom Survey conducted by the Karvy Organization, Hyderabad (545) looms are identified and Geo tagged in Siddipet District which are scattered in Siddipet, Dubbaka, Cherial , Gajwel and Koheda areas. 

  • Cluster Development Program under National Handloom Development program

This scheme will give assistance to the group members in the cluster in Design Development and Product Diversification/ CFC/ Dye Houses, Publicity and Marketing, Basic Inputs, Skill up gradation and Work sheds etc.

   2) Thrift Fund cum Saving and Security Scheme:

The Government of Telangana recently launched the scheme, the member has to declare his monthly average wages from handloom activity on which the monthly installment i.e., 8% is fixed and debited from his Saving Account to RD1 Account and the Government contribution i.e., 16% will be credited into RD-2 Account regularly. So that the two RD Accounts have to be opened jointly in the name of beneficiary and Assistant Director (H&T) and after maturity of (36) months the lump sum amount will be passed on to the beneficiary.


     Under the scheme, the Government have sanctioned the funds to the following (4) societies to construct the Common Facility Centers. The Constructions of CFC and work sheds are taking place.

4) CHENETHA MIHRA (Yarn Subsidy Scheme):

            The Telangana Government introduced the scheme “Chenetha  Mithra” to give a Yarn and Dyes of 40% Subsidy by handloom weavers.  5) MUDRA Scheme:             Under the scheme for the individual handloom weaver to meet their requirements i.e., for investment needs as well as working capital in a flexible and cost effective manner

6) Cash Credit

          Financing weavers cooperative societies through District Cooperative Central Bank  because of the weak financial Position of Cooperative Credit System and with a view to facilitate flow of bank credit to good working Primary Weavers Cooperative Societies.

7) Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration & Protection) Act, 1999:

    The Siddipet Gollabhama Sarees are traditional, distinguish quality of production and got the identity and Certificate of Registration of Geographical Indication of Goods (Registration and Protection) Act, 1999 GOI.

Key Contacts
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Sri S. Santosh Kumar

Assistant Director(H&T) (FAC)



Sri S. Santosh Kumar

Development Officer (H&T)



Sri A. Praveen

Assistant Development Officer (H&T)



Sri A. Praveen

Assistant Development Officer (H&T)


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