School Education

      1. Department Activities :   

  • Providing pre-primary to 10th/12th class free and compulsory Education to the school age children.
  • Access : As per the RTE Act – 2009 providing school to the every habitation.
  • Quality : Providing Quality Education.

     2. Schemes :                                                                                              

  • RTE :
    • Free and compulsory Education to all the children in the age group of 6-14.
    • Free uniforms and Text-books providing to all students who are studying in Government Schools.
    • Instructed private school managements to provide 25% of seats to the poor and disadvantaged family children absolutely free.
    • Free Mid-day-meal.
    • Providing Transport allowance to the children of school less habitation.
  •  Mid-Day-Meal : A wholesome freshly cooked lunch served to children in Govt. & Aided Schools in the District.
  •  Planning & MIS :
    • Preparation of Annual Work Plan & Budget.
    • Review meetings with MEOs, School complex HMs, CRPs, MIS Coordinators, Data Entry operators etc.,
    • Collection of data under UDISE taking 30th September as reference date.
    • Updation of the details of children in Child info website.
    • Updation of GIS information of all schools with relevant data.
    • Monitoring on sanitation in Schools and proper utilization of allocated funds at School Level.
    • Preparing the list of neighborhood schools to all habitations in the district.
    • Identification of school-less habitations and providing access of schooling to the children in the age group of 3-18 years.
    • Providing transport facility to the children of remote habitations where opening of school is not viable.
  • Quality :
    • Implementation of all Academic Programmes as approved by Project Approval Board (PAB).
    • Designing and conduct of in-service training to Primary & Upper Primary School Teachers, Vidya Volunteers, Part-Time Instructors, CRTs of KGBVs, Madarsa instructors, CRPs, School Complex Headmasters and Mandal Educational Officers.
    • Monitoring and Academic visits to Government and Localbody schools, MRCs and School complexes.
    • Implementation of continuous comprehensive evaluation (CCE) in all Management schools and monitor the uploading of student wise performance in CCE website. Review the progress of students soon after completion of SAs and FAs at District level. To see that same kind of exercise should be happened at Mandal, Cluster and School level progress cards.
    • By the end of academic year monitor the issue of Online Progress Cards to all students in the state.
    • Early childhood care and Education (ECCE) – Conduct coordination meeting with WD&CW District Officials under the chairmanship of the District collector, Identification of Co-located Anganwadis. Strengthening of existing pre-primary sections functioning in the primary schools. Establishment of preparatory class/Balvatika before 1 class in all Primary Schools/Co-located Anganwadis.
    • Vidyanjali – Utilization of services or Retired personnel, volunteers, NGO in teaching of Co-curricular subjects in the schools. Publicity, tracking and mapping them with schools.
    • Innovations- Provision of Holistic report card to all students, Implementation of Aptitude test to all Class IX students, Conduct of Teachers and Student exchange programs in and outside state, Issue of Teachers ID Cards to all the eligible teachers, implementation of TSAR (Teacher Self-Assessment Rubrics) to all teachers for their self – assessment.
    • Vocational Education:
    • Effective implementation of the programme in the targeted schools.
    • Organizing events at various levels.
    • Tracking the progress of Vocational Education regularly.
  • OSC :
    • Conduct of survey to identify out of school children habitation-wise and Mandal-wise and prepare the list of children age group-wise i.e., 6-14 years and 15-19 years age group.
    • Providing open school facilities to 15-19 age group children by identifying them and preparing them to appear for 10th and 12th class, intermediate exams.
    • Enrolling all out of school children in nearby Government/Localbody School in the age appropriate classes and providing special training through NRSTCs.
  • Gender and Equity :
    • The Kasthurba Gandhi Balika Vidyalayas (KGBVs) scheme was launched by the Govt. of India in August, 2004 for setting up residential schools for girls belonging to orphans/semiorphans/single parent/dropout/never enrolled/predominantly SC,ST,OBC and Minorities in difficult areas.
    • Objectives of KGBVs :
    • Ensure access and quality education to girls from disadvantaged groups by setting up residential schools at elementary level.
    • To achieve gender & Equity facilities in KGBVs:
    • Free Education
    • Free Text books
    • Free accommodation
    • Free common menu for nutritious meal.
    • KGBVs in Siddipet District :
    • In Siddipet District there are 22 KGBVs and 11 Girls hostels (KGBV type – IV) are functioning.
    • In that 4 KGBVs are upgraded upto Intermediate level. KGBV Gajwel and KGBV Mirdoddi have MPHW & CEC groups with T/M and newly upgraded in this year i.e., KGBV Siddipet (Urban) having the groups MPHW & CEC with E/M for inter.
    • Each KGBV intake capacity is 40 for each class from 6th to 10th.
    • Total seats in each KGBV are 200.
    • For Siddipet District Total 4400 seat are available upto X classes.
    • For intermediate 40 seats capacity for I Year and 40 seats for II Year to each group.
    • In Siddipet District 4 KGBVs are functioning upto Intermediate.
    • Courses offered in KGBV Colleges :
    • MPHW –        I Year – 40 seats and II Year – 40 Seats
    • CEC –        I Year – 40 seats and II Year – 40 Seats
    • MPC –        I Year – 40 seats and II Year – 40 Seats
    • BiPC –        I Year – 40 seats and II Year – 40 Seats
  • Inclusive Education :
    • Inclusive Education Resource centers (IERC’s) to provide special education and therapist services like Physio therapy and speech therapy to divyangan children between 6-18 years age group as school readiness programme.
    • Providing Home Based Education (HBE) to divyangan children who are unable to come out from home (like bed ridden) at their homes by Inclusive Education Resource persons (IERPs) by visiting their homes.
    • In Siddipet District there are 07 IERC (Mana Bhavitha) centres in permanent buildings and 10 Non-IERCs are running in Mandal head quarter High School / PS premises.
    • 30 IERPs are working in the district with coverage of all 24 Mandals.
    • 12 care giving volunteers are working in the IERC centers to look after the special children who are coming to the centers.
  •  Community Mobilization :
    • Formation of School Management Committee (SMCs) to participate in school activities and to support the needs of school.
    • Support from NGOs to adopt to provide school infrastructure facility to like dual desks, classrooms construction, digital classrooms etc., In Siddipet District NATCO, TV9, Balavikasa, Lions club, Sri Sathyasai Annapurna Trust are working with Dept of School Education.
    • Media : All the activities of School Education are giving wide publicity through electronic and print media time to time.
  • Science activities :
    • DSO’s are performing such science activities in addition to their normal duties at the school with successful and fruitful results. Motivating and providing national level and international level exposure to the students and teachers through participation at various competitions like, INSPIRE Awards MANAK, JNNSMEE, NCSC, NTSC and other national level competitions (5 students selected at national level INSPIRE including 3rd place in top 60 projects in the year 2018-19 and as same in recent competitions of 2019- 20 also).
    • Some of the Telangana Students have participated in International Science Program such as SAKURA. Directly and indirectly DSOs are behind the screen to put forth their strengths in the success of the students and teachers in various science activities.
    • Some of the activities that being conducted DSOs in a year are:
    • Orientation Programmes on Inspire Nominations (June-July) .
    • Pursuing INSPIRE Awards MANAK nominations (Mandal wise & School wise) June-August .
    • NCSC District Level competitions (August-September) .
    • District Level Science Seminar (August-September) .
    • District Level Science Drama Competitions (September-October) .
    • Erstwhile District Level Science Drama Competitions (October-November) .
    • Rashtriya Avishkar Sapthah (RAS) (October-November) .
    • Space Exhibition by NRSC/ISRO(outreach program), October-December .
    • District Level Science Fair (DLSMEE) October-December .
    • State Level Science Fair (SLSMEE) December-January .
    • National Mathematics Day (December) . 
    • Inspire Awards Manak competitions (DLEPC) (December-February) .
    • Inspire Awards Manak competitions (SLEPC) February-March .
    • National Anveshika Experimental Skill Test (NAEST) August-October .
    • Vidyarthi Vigyan Manthan(VVM) Science Talent Test (July-August) .
    • School Innovation Challenge (SIC) September-December .
    • Coordination of Children’s Science Congress(NCSC) July-December .
    • National Science Day Celebrations (February) .
    • T-SAT Live Programmes of SCERT Whenever required .
    • Trainings & Workshops conducting with Govt. and Private sponsorship (Throughout year).
    • Annular Solar/Lunar Eclipse /Sky Watch programs Whenever required .
    • Coordination of NGC Eco Club activities Throughout year Conducting of events on the occasion of International and National days related to Science, Environment and Maths viz.,
    • National science day (Feb 28th) .
    • Mathematics day (Dec 22nd) .
    • World Environmental Day (5th June) .
    • Earth day (22nd April) .
    • Water Conservation Day (22nd March) .
    • Population day (11th July) activities .
    • Conducting competitions like quiz, seminar, essay writing, drawing etc. at school level and district level.
    • We are involving and supporting Swachh Bharat programs at school level and at district level.
    • Apart from these we are conducting and coordinating timely scheduled activities related to Science throughout the academic year.
    • Hence, we can ensure that, as DSO’s we play a key role in conducting science activities and inculcating scientific temper and scientific attitudes among students and science teachers.
  •  Games and Sports :
    • SGF School Games Federation of India is constituted to identify and encourage the talent in sports and games of the school age children.
    • At District Level, DEO concerned is the chairman and Senior PD will be the secretary to the SGFI District unit.
  •  Activities :
    • The following activities will be conducted duly every academic year as per the schedule.
    • Games and sports will be conducted to under 14 and under 17 categories for boys and girls separately at Mandal, District Level.
    • The winners at District level will participate to the state level events.
    • To develop Physical fitness, Sports spirit, self confidence, discipline, unity in diversity and patriotism among the students through Games and Sports.
  • DCEB :
    • Responsibilities of District Common Examination Board :
    • Identification of Subject wise Experts.
    • 10-15 members of subject experts from each subject for the preparation of question papers, attending orientation training programmes, monitoring the school complex meetings.
    • Formation of monitoring teams.
    • Conducting School Monitoring for implementation of Examination reforms.
    • Conducting orientation Training programmes.
    • Preparation of Question papers, cumulative records and modules.
    •  Evaluation and documentation.
Key Contacts
S.No Name Of The Officer Designation Mobile Number Email Id
1 Dr. K. Ravikanth Rao District Educational Officer 7995087610
2 L. Venkateshwar Reddy Assistant Director 9490940815
3 S. Bhagavanthaiah Secretary DCEB 9440544450
4 M. Ramesh Planning Co-ordinator 9440782891
5 Dr. T. Ramesh Quality & OSC Co-ordinator 9908557460
6 N. Muktheshwari Co-ordinator Gender & Equity 9398099506
7 M. Ramprasad Co-ordinator IE & CMO 9440038815
8 Y.Narsimulu Assistant Statistical Officer 9177148591
9 K. Mahender District Science Officer 9949560565

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