District Officers

List of District Officers in Siddipet District
Name of the officer Designation Email ID Mobile Number
B.Chennaiah District Revenue Officer (FAC) siddipetdro[at]gmail[dot]com 8897083773
A.Muthyam Reddy Special Officer, GADA, Gajwel   9963661818
K.sivaprasad District Agriculture Officer daosiddipet36[at]gmail[dot]com 7288894412
L.Narya Naik District Audit Officer daosasiddipet[dot]ts[at]gmail[dot]com 9440594858
G.Saroja District BC Development Officer dbdosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9849906020
J.Hareesh District Civil Supplies Officer (I/C) asonlg23[at]gmail[dot]com 7995050736
J.Hareesh District Manager, Civil Supply Corporation dmsiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 7995050736
G.chandramohan Reddy District Cooperative Officer dco[dot]coop[dot]sdpt[at]gmail[dot]com 9100660333
Dr.k.Ravikanth Rao District Education Officer deosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 7995087610
RL.Madhusudhan Distrcit Fisheries Officer dfosiddipet2016[at]gmail[dot]com 9704906987
Manoj Kumar District Food Safety Officer   6281063931
C.Sridhar Rao District Forest Officer dfosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9440810118
C.Seetharam District Ground Water Officer ddsangareddy[at]gmail[dot]com 7032982025
S.Santhosh Kumar Asst. Director, Handlooms & Textiles (FAC) siddipethandtex[at]gmail[dot]com 9000847666
K.Rama Laxmi District Horticulture & Sericulture Officer dhso-sdpt-horti[at]telangana[dot]gov[dot]in 7997725292
ES.Ganesh Ram General Manager, DIC (FAC) gmdic[dot]sdpt[at]gmail[dot]com 9441090176
B.Ravi kumar District Public Relations Officer dpro[dot]siddipet[dot]ts[at]gmail[dot]com 9949351646
D.Thirupathi Nayak Dy.Executive Information Engineer(FAC)   9154170933
Dr.Kashinath RMO, Medical .   9885312004
Dr.Mahesh Superintendent,GG, Medical   9246969139
Surya Prakash District Intermediate Education Officer dieo[dot]siddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9440816015
YM.Gopalkrishna E.E.Irrigation eeibsdpt[at]gmail[dot]com 9100045370
E.Srinivas Reddy District Legal Metrology Officer shujathalibarkathi[at]gmail[dot]com 9848923848
G.Vasundhara Dist.Library Officer   8978801506
Md.Riyaz Asst.Director, District Agriculute Marketing dmosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 7330733144
Dr.Kashinath District Medical & Health Officer dmhosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9885312004
Hanmantha Reddy PD,MEPMA   9505507241
Raghava Reddy A.D, Mines & Geology admgsdpt[at]gmail[dot]com 9849924626
CH.Gopal Rao District Minority Welfare Officer (I/C) dmwosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9989221100
Devaki Devi District Panchayath Officer dlposiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9849903261
Srinivas District panchayat Raj Engineer ee[dot]pri[dot]sdpt[at]gmail[dot]com 9121135670
E.Srinath Asst. Pay & Accounts Officer apaosiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 7995028922
T.Ashok Chief Planning Officer(FAC) cposiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9550333876
Srinivasa Murthy District prohibition & Excise Officer essiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9000990919
Veeraprathap Dy.E.E., Public Health   9908055151
N.Sudarshan Reddy District R&B Officer   9440818096
Ch.Gopal Rao District Rural Development Officer drdoegs[dot]sdpt[at]gmail[dot]com 9989221100
M.Srinivas Chary Executive Engineer   9100122264
Kavitha District SC Development Officer   9247812221
Dr.Pavan Program Officer , Medical   8790904444
SB.Ramachary ED,SC Corporation   9949905993
M.D.Vinay Kumar Inspector of Survey addslrsiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9703979537
Durga Prasad District Transport Officer (I/C)   9849636940
N.Balraju District Treasury Officer disttreasurysiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 7799934162
M.Firangi District tribal Welfare officer   9550361070
M.Shiva Prasad District Manager,TSIIC   9133247711
Dr.N.satya Prasad District veterinary & Animal Husbandry Officer   9121213973
Vijaya Dairy Dy.Director   9515060691
K.Ramgopal Reddy District Welfare officer (WCD,SC&JW)   8008101108
K.Nagendar District Youth & Sports Officer   9848276450
Ramesh CEO,ZPP   8309266631
V.Ravi Kumar Drug Inspector   8333925836
T.Vamshi Krishna District Manager , Arogya Sri   8333815942
V.Paramachary DIstrict Manager, TSREDCO   9912079000
Ameena Begum Manager,SETWIN setwinsiddipet[at]gmail[dot]com 9347510156
Azar Ahmad Divisional Manager,TSRTC   9959226263
J.Kausalya Devi APD,DRDO   9989167979
B.Ravinder APD,DRDO   9866313079
Dr.Tamila Arasu Director, Medical College   9849160739
Dr.Jayasri Superintendent,GGH,Siddipet, Medical.   9032715626