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The key Contact Numbers of Civil Supplies Department:

  1. Additional Collector (Revenue)                 : 7331187586
  2. District Manager Civil Supply Officer      :7995050736

Activities of Department

    • The Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation Limited was incorporated in the year 2015 as a Limited Company under the Companies Act, 2013. The share capital of the Company is fully contributed by the Government of Telangana with an authorized share capital of Rs.5.00 crores divided into 50,000 (Fifty thousand) equity shares of Rs.1,000 (Rupees One thousand) each.
    • The Chairman and the Board of Directors will be appointed by the Government from time to time. The Vice Chairman & Managing Director is the Chief Executive of the Corporation. At the Corporate Office, he/she is assisted by two General Managers, one Executive Engineer and three Deputy General Managers. The Corporation has its District Offices in all the Districts in the State. The Additional Collector & EOEDs are the Ex-Officio Executive Directors of the Corporation in the districts. The District Managers are the head of the District Offices. As per the Memorandum of Articles of Association, the main objective of the Corporation is as follows
    • Presently, the activities of the Corporation are to purchase, transport, store, handle and distribute food grains, levy sugar under Public Distribution System and also through other Welfare Schemes, like Antyodaya, Annayojana, Annapurna, Mid-Day-Meals, Social Welfare Hostels, National Food for Work Programme, SampoornaRojgar Yojana, National Nutrition Mission, etc., procurement of Paddy under Minimum Support Price (MSP) Operations as per the instructions of Government from time to time.
    • Corporation also undertakes of other commodities like Sonamasuri rice, Tamarind and Chilies as part of Market Intervention programmers as entrusted by the Govt. from time to time from time to time. It is also acting as LPG Dealer of Oil Companies under open market and under “Deepam” Scheme at the identified places by the Government, besides distributing kerosene under PDS at the places allotted by Oil Companies in addition to distribution of free trade kerosene, running of MS & HSD Outlets at the places appointed by the Oil Companies.
    • To engage in, promote, improve, develop, counsel, finance, production, purchase, storage, process, movement, transportation, distribution and sale of food-grains and foodstuffs and any other essential commodities and to establish laboratories for the purpose of ensuring quality control, to train personnel in the technique of quality control, to provide services and assistance of all accounts of the said purchases including capital credit, means, resources, technical and managerial services, advice and assistance.
    • Implementation of National Food Security Act, 2013 by making food grains accessible.
    • There are (8) Mandal Level Stock Points in the District covering all areas of the district. 1)Siddipet 2) Gajwel3) Doulathabad 4) Thoguta 5) Dubbak 6)Mirroddi7)Cheriyal 8)Husnabad, the above Stock Points essential commodities rice, wheat, sugar & Red gram Dall are distributed to Fair Price Shops every month through vehicles under Stage-II transportation.


    • Telangana State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd. is a State Agency appointed by the State Government for distribution of rice under PDS along with other essential commodities and purchase of paddy on MSP. It is the responsibility of the Corporation to undertake transportation, storage and delivery of the stocks under PDS at the door steps of the Fair Price Shop Dealers.
    • The Corporation has been distributing various essential commodities under PDS to the BPL card-holders of Telangana state under various schemes. Details of commodities issued under PDS are as follows:
    • Rice is being supplied under PDS through various schemes like NFSA schemes and other welfare schemes.
    • The Corporation has been distributing other essential commodities to the BPL card-holders of Telangana state viz: Wheat, Sugar, Redgram Dall (Fatka quality) & Free-flow Iodized Salt, at the following scale of distribution (Scale subject to change as per govt orders)

There are two stages in transportation of PDS commodities for delivery of stocks to the door steps of the Fair Price Shop Dealers. Transportation from FCI godowns/buffer godowns to MLS Points is known as Stage-I transportation and transportation from MLS Points to Fair Price Shops is known as Stage-II transportation.

    • District-wise Stage – I Transport Contractors are appointed at Head Office through e-tenders on e-procurement platform for transportation of food grains from FCI godowns/buffer godowns to MLS Points.
    • Stage – II Transport Contractors are appointed at District Level through Tender Process by District tender committee with due approval of VC & Managing Director.
    • MDM Rice is being transported by stage II tr-contractors upto School points.

GPS Vehicle Tracking System has been introduced in TSCSCL to track the movement of vehicles transporting PDS commodities under stage-I & stage-II transportation system and Kerosene tankers (in two districts) by installing tracking devices in all the vehicles. A command control center has been established at CSC head office to monitor state wide activities. Specific personnel have been appointed by M/s Trans Global Geomatic to assist in monitoring the state wide tracking both at head office and at district level.

    • Supply Chain Management is being implemented under end-to-end computerization of TPDS operations by TSCSCL in MLS Points/Godown space hired by TSCSCL for buffer storage.
    • Separate login Id’s have been provided to all the stakeholders of PDS for active participation. (Commissioner, VC & MD, FCI at Central level and at District level all the District Managers,Tahsildars , MLS Point Incharges and Buffer godownsIncharges)
    • The real time stock position at each MLS points can be verified online at through specified logins.
    • As part of computerization SCM portal has been integrated with e-PDS portal for effective real time flow of information pertaining to PDS.
    • All RO-wise transactions (Release Order for issue of commodities from MLS Point to FP shops at Mandal level) have been computerised by integration of Mee-Seva portal with e-PDS and SCM portal for real time flow of FP Shop payment details pertaining to lifting of commodities.

Loading and unloading of stocks are undertaken at MLSPoints through the CSC hamalies . The welfare of CSC hamalies is ensured by undertaking various welfare measures such as providing Group insurance coverage, two pairs of livery, sweet box on occasion of dassera, ex-gratia, etc. every year.

Paddy Procurement Operations

    • The main objective of procurement of paddy is to protect the farmer community from distress sale under Minimum Support Price (MSP) declared by GOI. Paddy is procured in two seasons i.e.Khariff (1st October to 31st March) & Rabi (1st April to 30th September) on demand.
    • The State Government has entrusted the purchase of paddy to Civil Supplies Corporation as a Nodal Agency from the KMS 2000-01. From KMS 2006-07, the CSC has taken up the procurement of paddy with the help of women Self Help Groups (SHGs) of IKP, PACS, ITDA, DCMS in all paddy growing districts by opening PPCs nearer to paddy production areas to facilitate farmers to sell their produce at village level. TSCSCL is paying commission fixed by GOI to the procuring agencies.
    • The required infrastructure such as paddy cleaners, moisture meters, weighing scales with weights, calipers, tarpaulins, winnowing machines, polythene covers, etc. for purchase of paddy at PPCs is provided by Marketing Department.
    • The gunnies are being positioned in all the paddy procuring districts by TSCSCL well in advance as per seasonal requirement. Gunnies are purchased through Jute Commissioner, Kolkata which is GOI institution having control upon the entire Jute Gunnies Manufacturing Industry in India.
    • OPMS (Online Paddy Procurement Software) package was developed for capturing real time data on paddy procurement operations from KMS 2015-16.
    • Farmer payments are mandatorily being made online directly into farmer bank accounts.
    • The paddy procured is shifted to designated rice mills for immediate custom milling through authorized district-wise paddy transport contractors appointed by District Tender Committee headed by Additional Collector & EOED.
    • Paddy delivered to mills is kept under the Joint Custody of miller and local officer appointed by Additional Collector & EOED for safety of stocks.
    • The Rice miller will deliver the custom milled raw rice & boiled rice at 67% & 68 % respectively. The milling charges will be paid to rice millers accordingly.
    • TSCSCL forwards claims to FCI for custom milled rice delivered to FCI under central pool either Raw or boiled rice as per provisional rates of CMR communicated by GOI for realization of amount.

Distribution of Sannabiyyam to Schools (under Mid-Day Meal Scheme), Hostels & Other Welfare Institutes

    • Fine Variety Rice ( Sannabiyyam ) is distributed to Schools (under Mid-Day Meal Scheme) , Hostels & Other Welfare Institutes.
    • A total of _ MTs Sannabiyyam distributed to _ Schools and _ number of students in the district every month.
    • A total of _ MTs Sannabiyyam distributed to _ Hostels and other welfare institutions _ number of students in the district every month.
    • Fine Varieties of rice (Sannabiyyam) is purchased from rice millers and stored at Buffer Godowns under the maintenance of State Ware Housing Corporation.

Implementation of reforms taken up by the State Government

    • The reforms taken up by the State Government in ensuring farmers sell their produce at Paddy Purchase Centers at MSP without any difficulty and several measures to serve eligible beneficiaries through FP shops.  Some of the major steps in that direction include constant check on the transportation of rice & ration commodities, computerization of all activities right from procurement of paddy to the supply of ration items till the distribution to the beneficiaries, custom milled rice collection, storage , change over to online transactions, portability to obtain ration commodities from any ration shop as per the availability, GSP tagging of all vehicles that carry ration items, installation of CC cameras in godowns. All the above reforms are implemented the district to serve the beneficiaries in a better way.
  • Distribution of Rice to BPL Card Holders under Public Distribution System.
  • Procurement of Paddy in both seasons i.e., Khariff and Rabi on payment of MSP to farmers through various agencies.
    • As per the policy of Govt., the poor people in the society is feeding by distribution of rice is undertaken through (681) Fair Price Shop Dealers duly dumping of essential commodities in the Mandal Level Stock Points in the District.
    • Procurement of Paddy in both seasons ie., Khariff and Rabi on payment of MSP to farmers through various agencies.
Key Contacts
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Sri J.Harish

I/c District Manager



Sri Ch.Srinivas

Technical Asst Gr-II



Sri K.Shiva Kumar

Accts. Gr.II



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