Horticulture & Sericulture


  1. Providing technical guidance and assistance to farmers on Micro Irrigation Schemes of PMKSY.
  2. Providing technical support and assistance on the maintenance of Orchards, Creations of water source (Farmpond) under the MIDH Programme.
  3. Promotions of high-value Horticulture crops under Polyhouse & Shade net by providing technical guidance and assistance to the farmers.
  4. Promotion of Vegetable Cultivation in the district by providing vegetable Seedlings, Plastic Crates & Loose Shade net on subsidy.
  5. For round, the year vegetable cultivation, Low-cost Permanent Pandals, Permanent pandals Scheme has been implementing on 50% Subsidy to the farmers under the state plan and RKVY Scheme.
  6. Providing assistance on Mulberry plantation, construction of silkworm rearing sheds, Supply of disinfectants.
  7. Timely providing technical guidance to the farmers on cultivation of Horticulture Crops.
  8. Creating awareness to the farmers on various horticultural schemes and implementing them by conducting various training programmes to the farmers.
  9. Encouraging the farmers towards the vegetable cultivation by forming crop colony clusters in the district.

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