Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition

Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition
  1. Land acquisition of Ac. 79.32¼ Gts., situated at Gouraram (v), Wargal (m) for construction of sangareddy canal under Kondapochama sagar Reservior. Lr. No. G3/2595/2018, Dated:29.09.2018.
  2. Land acquisition of Houses/structures existing in the Abadi/Sy.No.s coming under submergence in Kondapochama  Sagar Reservior situated in the limits of Mamidyala (v) of Mulugu (m). Lr. No. G2/2681/2018, Dated: 20.09.2018 
  3. Land acquisition of Ac. 28.33 Gts in the limits of Duddeda villag of Kondapak mandal for construction of Railway Line. Lr. No. G3/1523, 2016, Dated: 18.09.2018
  4. Land acquisition of Houses/structures existing in the Abadi/Sy.No.s coming under submergence in Kondapochama  Sagar Reservior situated in the limits of Tanedatpally(v) of Mulugu (m). Lr. No. G2/2652/2018, Dated: 17.09.2018 
  5. Land Acquisition of Ac. 0.11 and Ac. 1.15 Gts., situated at Theegul & Peerlapally villages of Jagdevpur mandal for construction of Gravity canal, Lr. No. G2/1746/2018, Dated: 28.08.2018
  6. Land acquisition of Ac. 54.34 Gts., situated within the limits of Kotyal village of Mulugu(m) for construction of Thurkapally Canal under Kondapochamma Sagar Reservior. Lr.No. G2/2368/2018, Dated: 27.08.2018
  7. Land Acquisition of Ac. 68.33 Gts., in the limits of Akunoor, Nagapuri and Chityala (v), Cherial (m) for Right main canal of Tapaspally reservior. Lr. No. G3/2207/2018, Dated: 18.08.2018
  8. Land Acquisition of Ac. 0.35 Gts situated at Srisinagandla (v), Kondapak (m) for construction of Devadula distributory canal. Lr. No. G2/547/2017, Dated: 18.08.2018 
  9. Land acquisition of Ac. 0.25 Giraipally (v), Ac. 0.05 Gts.,at Kondapak (v) and Ac. 2.16 Gts. at Marpadaga (v),  Kondapak (m) for construction of Devadula distributor canal. Lr. No. G2/547/2017, Dated: 18.08.2018
  10. Land acquisition of Ac. 4.05 Gts., situated at Mustafaguda (v), Mulugu (m) for construction of Turkapally Canal under Kaleshwaram Project. Lr.No. G2/2253/2018, Dated: 18.08.2018
  11. Land acquisition of Ac. 0.16 gts situated at Gundaram (v),for construction of Ananthagiri Reservoir under Kalesheshwaram project. Lr. No. G1/2938/2017, Dated: 13.08.2018
  12. Land acquisition of Ac. 1.15 Gts., situated at Kallepally (v) Bejjanki (m) for construction of Ananthagiri Reservoir under Kalesheshwaram project. Lr.No. G1/2933/2017, Dated:13.08.2018
  13. Land acquisition of Ac. 5.12¼ Gts., situated at Bejjanki (v), Bejjanki (m) for construction of Ananthagiri Reservoir under Kalesheshwaram project. Lr. No. G1/2931/2017, Dated: 13.08.2018
  14. Land acquisition of Ac. 141.13½ Gts., in the limits of Janagaon, Regonda, Gandipali and Nandaram villages of Akkanapet (m) for formation of Gouravelli Reservior submergence.Lr. No. G3/1062/17, Dated: 08.08.2018.
  15. Land acquisition of Ac. 49.19½ Gts., in the limiths of Regonda village and Akkanapet mandal for excavation of Distributory D-1 and D-2 Canal. Lr. No. G3/1057/2017, Dated: 04.08.2018
  16. Land Acquisition of Ac. 110.15½ Gts., in the limits of Akunoor, Cheriyal, Kadavergu, Chunchanakota, Dhanampally, Chituyal, Musthyala, Thadur and Nagapuri villages of Cheriyal mandal for excavation of Distributaries of Right and Left canal for Tapaspally Reservior. Lr. No. G3/1988/2018, Date 25/07/2018.
  17. Land acquisition of Ac. 5.36 Gts situated at Vittalapur (v), Chinnakodur (m) for construction of Left main canal distributor of Ranganayakula Sagar Reservior under Kaleshwaram Project.Lr.No. G1/1286/2018, Dated: 24.07.2018
  18. Land Acquisition of Ac. 3.37 gts situated at Velkatoor (v), Nangnoor(m) for construction of Right Main Canal distributor of Ranganayakula Sagar Resrvior under Kaleshwaram project. Lr. G1/1029/2017, Dated: 24.07.2018
  19. Lad acquisition of Ac. 5.05 Gts situated at Bangla Venkatapur (v), Gajwel (m) for construction of Kistapur Canal and Ramayampet Canal under Kondapochamma Sagar Reservior project. Lr. No. G2.2154/2018, Dated: 23.07.2018
  20. Land acquisition of Ac. 2.01 Gts situated in the limits of Ummapur (v), Husnabad (m) for construction of Right side main canal under Gouravelly project, Lr. No. G2/1537/2017, Dated 23.07.2018
  21. Land acquisition of Ac. 0.17 Gts situated in the limits of Vadloor Begumpet (v) of Bejjanki (m) for excavation of Tail Channel of UT @ KM 12.204, Lr. No. G3/715/2017, Dated 23.07.2018
  22. Land acquisition of Ac. 33.33½ Gts. in the limits of Inapur, Posanpally, Ramsagar, Marrimuchayala vilaages of Komuravelly (m) for Tapaspally reservior under Devadula Lift Irrigation project. Lr. No. G3/1624/2018, Dated 23.07.2018
  23. Land Acquisition of Ac. 4.22 Gts situated at Dharmareddypally (v), Gajwel (m) for New BG Railway Line Lr. No. G3/1523/2016, Dated: 23.07.2018
  24. Land acquisition of Ac. 3.02½ and Ac. 1.12 Gts situated at Erravalli and Singaram (v) of Kondapak (m) for construction of Mallanna Sagar under Kaleshwaram Project. Lr. No. G1/1212/2017, Dated : 17.07.2018
  25. Land Acquisition of Ac. 16.12 Gts situated at Pregnapur (v) of Gajwel (m) for construction of Gajwel Canal under Kaleshwaram Project. Lr. No. G2/791/2019, Dated: 17.07.2018
  26. Land Acquisition of Ac,2.24½ Gts. situated at Marpadaga(v), Kondapak (m) for formation of bypass road from Thimmareddypally to Ponnal. Lr. No. G3/884/2017, Dated: 09-07-2018.
  27. Land Acquisition of Ac. 7.32 Gts situated in the limits of Regonda (v) Akkanapet (m) for escape tunnel of spoi; bank area. Lr. No. G3/3577/2018, Dated: 07.07.2018.
  28. Land Acquisition of Ac. 12.23 Gts situated with in the limits of Datharpally (v) of Gajwel(m) for construction of Gravity Canal under Kondapochamma Sagar Reservior, Lr. No. G2/1935/2018, Dated 05.07.2018
  29. Land Acquisition of Ac. 4.32 ¾ Gts., in the limits of Regonda (v) of Akkanapet (m) Samudrala and Narayanapur villages of Koheda mandal for BT Road and Tail channel of Super Passage at KM1.625 under Thotapalli Lift scheme. Lr. No. G3/1396/201/ Dt. 25.06.2018.
  30. Land Acquisition of Ac. 2.04 Gts., situated at Gundaram village of Bejjanki(M) for construction of minor distributory of Kaleshwaram project. Lr. No. G1/2938/2017, Dated: 18.06.2018
  31. Declaration of Form-VII of Dacharam and Veerapur villages of Bejjanki(m) required Ac. 6.04 Gts., for Thotapally tank Summergence under Thotapally MI Tank under MMR  R/s main canal, Gazt. 578/2018, Dated:15.06.2018
  32. Land Acquisition of Ac. 0.16 Gts in the limits of Begumpet village of Raipole(M) for formation of Kothapally to Manoharabad Railway line. Lr. No. G3/1523/2016, Dated 07.06.2018
  33. Land Acquisition of Ac. 19.14 , 4.01, 0.19,0.08 nd 0.21 Gts situated at Thirumalapur, Indupriyal, Deepayampally, Doulthabad and Govindapur villages of Doulthabad (M) for construction of Ramayampet Canal under Kondapochamma Reservior, Lr. No. G2/1510/2018, Dated:07.06.2018
  34. Land Acquisition of Ac. 19.34 Gts., situated in the limits of Samudrala and Kachapur villages of Koheda (m) for formation of Gouravelly Reservior submergence. Lr. No. G3/1507/2017, Dated: 06.06.2018
  35. Declaration of Form-VII of Gouravelli Village, Akkannapet Mandal required Ac. 195.23¾ Gts situated Gouravelly village of Akkanapet Mandal for formation of Gouravelli Reservior Submergence. Gazt.521/18, Dated: 31.05.2018
  36. Land Acquisition of Ac.1.24 Gts, Ac.0.13 Gts., Ac.0.04 Gts.,Ac 2.20 Gts., Ac.0.01 Gts., Ac. 0.01 Gts., Ac. 2.17 Gts., and Ac. 4.36., situated at Thirmalapur, Konapur, Mubaraspur, Upparpally, Lingarajupally, Doulthabad, Mohammad Shapur and Godugupally villages of Doulthabad(m) for construction of Upparpalli canal under Kondapochamma Reservior. Lr.No. G2/1511/2018, Dated: 31.05.2018
  37. Land Acquisition of Ac. 45.21½, Ac. 5.26 Gts and Ac. 5.22 Gts at Waddepalli, Ankireddypalli, and Begumpet villages of Raipole mandal for construction of Kistapur Canal under Kondapochamma Sagar Reservior Project, Lr.No. G2/1504/2018, Dated: 31.05.2018
  38. Land Acquisition of Ac. 0.35½ Gts., at Inapur  village of Komuravelli Mandal for Construction of Left Main canal of Tapaspally Tank. Lr.No.  G3/2669/2017, Dated: 31.05.2018
  39. Land Acquisition of Ac. 36.39 gts (Ac. 8.18 gts at Erravalli (v), Ac 2.17 , 2.36, 13.28.gts at Markook (v) and Ac 4.37, 4.23 at Shivaru Venkatapur (v), Markook (m)) for Construction of Kondapochama Sagar Reservior- Jagdevpur Canal. Lr.No. G2/1380/18, G2/1381/18, G2/1382/18, Dated 21.05.2018 
  40. Land Acquisition of Ac. 8.02 ½ Gts, Ac. 4.22 gts, Ac. 18.21 gts situated at Muddpur, Tipparam & Mangole villages of Kondapak Mandal for Kaleshwaam Project, Lr.No. D4/750/2017, Dated: 22.05.2018
  41. Land Acquisition of Ac. 8.18 Gts, Ac.19.01 Gts and 9.20 Gts situated at Erravally, Markook and Shivarvenkatapur villages of Markook (m) for execution of OT-2L,3L,34L & 5L on Jagdevpur Canal under Kondapochamma Reservior Project, Lr.No. G2/1380/2018, Dated: 21.05.2018.
  42. Land Acquisition of Ac. 133.12 ¾ Gts situated at Gouravelly village, Akkanapet (m) for construction of Goravelly Reservior, Lr. No. G3/1062/2017, Dated: 21.05.2018.
  43.  Land Acquistion – siddipet District – Ganjwel Mandal, Sangapur and Gajwel villages of Ac. 2.21 Gts for construction of Outer ring road. Lr.No. G2/335/2017, Dated 21.05.2018
  44.  Land Acquisition – siddipet District -Raipole Mandal Manthoor Village – Acquiring land to an extent of Ac.77.32Gts., for construction of Right Main canal taking of at KM 1.900 of parallel canal of Mallanna Sagar Reservoir. Lr.No. G2/4610/2017, Dated: 18.05.2018 
  45. Land Acquisition of Ac. 995.15 ¼ Gts. for construction of Kaleshwaram Project under Mallanna Sagar Reservoir at Vemulaghat (v) of Thoguta (m). Lr. G1/681/2017, Dated: 17.05.2018.
  46. Land Acquisition of Ac. 10.08 gts, Ac. 7.01 gts, Ac. 19.39 gts situated within the limits of Wargal, Gouraram and Singaipally villages of Wargal (M) for construction of Ramayampet Canal under Kondapochama Reservior. Lr. No. G2/1157/2018. 
  47. Land Acquisition of Ac. 12.33-1/2 Gts situated at Pandilla village, Husnabad mandal for Left Main canal from KM 4.450 to KM 7.755, Lr.No. G3/1057/2017, Dated: 08.05.2018 (Uploaded on 08.05.2018)
  48. Land Acquisition of Ac. 4.11 Gts situated at Dacharam and Thotapally villages, Bejjanki Mandal, Lr.No. G3/1062/2017, Dated 08.05.2018 (Uploaded 08.05.2018)
  49. Land Acquisition of Ac.110.07 Gts in the limits of Cheriyal, Dommata and Mustyala villages of Cherial (m) for Distributory system, Minors and Sub-minors of Tapaspally reservior. Lr. G3/1628/2018, Dt: 07.05.2018
  50. Land Acquisition of Ac 4.11 Ac.Gts situated at Dommata Village, Doulthabad Mandal for construction of Gravity Canal under Kaleshwaram Project Lr.No. G2/4579/2017,Dated: 18.04.2018 (Uploaded Dated: 05.05.2018)
  51. Land acquisition of Ac 211.08 Gts situated at Laddunur, Marmamula, Salakapur, Vangapally, Kootigal, Vallampatla, Rebarthy, Lakkapally, Dharmaram, Maddur Villages of  Maddur Mandal, JCR-DLIS Phase III, G3/833/18, Dt: 24.04.2018. (Uploaded Dated: 24.04.2018) 
  52. Land Acquisition of Ac. 48.22 Gts situated at Dacharam village of Bejjanki (m) for construction of Thotapally MI Tank, Dated: 17.03.2018
  53. Land Acquisition of Ac 25.33 Gts’ situated at Pregnapur Village of Gajwel Mandal for construction of Gajwel outer Ring Road, Dated: 27.03.2018
  54. Land Acquisition of Ac. 15.25 Gts in the limits of Gajwel(v) &(m), for construction of outer ring road, Dated 27.03.2018
  55. Land Acquisition of Ac. 43.36 Gts at Cheelasagar(v) Ac. 35.32¼ Gts atNarsampally (v), Ac. 27.06 Gts at Adavimasid (v), Av. 14.31 at Japthi Singaipally villages of Mulugu (m), Dated: 16.03.2018
  56. Land Acquisition of Ac. 49.00 Gts situated within the limits of Gouravelli, Jangoan,Gandipalli villages, Akkanapet (m) for construction of Gouravelly Reservior, Dated: 16.03.2018.
  57. Land Acquisition of Ac.83.27 Gts situated at Mandapalli (v), Siddipet Urban(m) for construction of BG Railway line between Manoharabad & Kothapally, Dated: 16.03.2018.
  58. Land Acquisition of Ac. 56.36 Gts., at Mittapalli (v), Siddipet urban (m) for construction of Railway line between Manoharabad & Kothapally, Proc. G3/185/2018, Dated: 15.03.2018
  59. Land Acquisition of Ac.50.34 Gts situated at Narsapur (v), Siddipet Urban (m) for construction of BG Railway line between Manoharabad & Kothapally, Dated: 15.03.2018.
  60. Land Acquisition Notification of Damarakunta village.
  61. Land acquisition of Ac.3.10.25 Gts., situated at Kodakandla(v), Gajwel (m) for construction of BG Railway line between Manoharabad & Kothapally, Dated: 14.03.2018.
  62. Land Acquisition of Ac. 34.13 gts situated at Lingapur (v) thoguta (m) for construction of Right main canal of Mallana Sagar, Dated: 13.03.2018
  63. Land Acquisition of Ac. 26.13¼ Gts., situated with in the limits of Gajwel (v) &(m) for construction of new BG Railway line between Manoharabad and Kothapally. Dated: 08.03.2018
  64. Land Acquisition of Ac. 168.15 Gts of land situated at Mutrajpalli village, Gajwel mandal for construction of houses for R&R under Kaleshwaram project, Dated: 08.03.2018
  65. Land Acquisition of Ac.3.25 Gts of land situated at Narsapur Village, Siddipet urban mandal for construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant for the Municipal Council, siddipet Dated: 06.03.2018
  66. Land Acquisition notification of Ac.95.12 Gts., situated at Duddeda Village, Ac. 3.30 Gts., situated at Kuknoorpally village of Kondapak Mandal , Siddipet District for Construction of Railway line between Manoharabad to Kothapally, Dated: 03.03.2018
  67. Land Acquisition notification of Ac. 14.22, 20.09, 5.33,7.16-3/4 gts situated at Jangapalli, Almaspur, Lingareddypally and Chandlapur of Mirdoddi mandal, Siddipet urban and Chinnakodur Mandals, Siddipet Dist. Dated: 20.02.2018
  68. Land Acquisition notification Ac.0.28 and Ac.1.16 for Mallanna Sagar Reservoir at Dumpalli and Chellapur Villages, Dubbak Mandal Siddipet, Dated: 20.02.2018
  69. Land Acquisition of Ac.23.15 Gts for excavation & forming embankment of D-8 canal from KM 0.000 to L.560 in under MMR RS Canal from t7J50 to Km 36.725 & improvements to the Vadloor and Thotapally villages of Bejjanki Mandal – Ml Tank Online Reservoir
  70. Land Acquisition Notification of Duddeda, Kondapak Mandal, Siddipet District for TSIIC, Dated: 06.02.2018
  71. Land Acquisition  Notification of Gajwel(v) for Railway Line, Siddipet Dist Dated: 25.01.2018.
  72. Land Acquisition  Notification of Muddapur (V) Siddipet Dist Dated: 25.01.2018.
  73. Land Acquisition notification of Dharmareddypally (V) for GRR from Siddipet Dist Dated 25.01.2018
  74. LA of Structures existing in the Abadi Sy.No’s existing Thotapally MI Tank Laddabanda (v), Ho. Dacharam (V)
  75. Notification of Dommata Lingarajpally surampally and Chepyala villages (04) schedules, Siddipet District.
  76. Land Acquisition of Ac. 1641-24 Gts., of land for construction of Komuravelli Mallanna Sagar Reservior- Thoguta Mandal, Vemulaghat (Vill) – Siddipet District – Proc. No. G1/681/2017 , Dated: 24.11.2017
  77. Railway Line Land Acquisition Proc.No. G3/1523/2016, Dated. 23.11.2017
  78. Land Acquisition of Ac. 3614.23Gts,situated at Vemulaghat village of Thoguta Mandal,  Siddipet District for Komuravelli Mallana Sagar Project, Proc. G1/681/2017, Dated:23.11.2017.
  79. Land Acquisition of Ac. 124.l8 Gts, Ac. 136.29 Gts,  Ac. 133.10 Gts, and Ac,122.24 Gts situated at Akaram village of Gajwel Mandal, Markook (v) &(m) and Muddapur and Mangole village of Kondapak Mandal of Siddipet District for Kondapochama Sagar Reservior, Proc. G2/3058/2017, Dated:16.09.2017.
  80. Land Acquisition of Ac.18.19¾ Gts of land for construction of  Mallana sagar reservior , singaram(v), Kondapak(m), Proc.No. G1/1212/2017, Dated: 22.08.2017
  81. Land Acquisition-of Ac.71.07 Gts of land for construction-Mulugu(m)-Bahilampur(v) for Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No.G1/363/2016,Dated-01.08.2017.
  82. Land Acquisition-of Ac.60.17 Gts of land for construction-Mulugu(m)-Mamidyala(v) for Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No.G2/460/2017,Dated-01.08.2017.
  83. Land acquisition of Ac.1656.08-¾ Gts of land for construction of Komuravelli Mallanna Sagar Reservior – Thoguta Mandal, Vemulghat (vill)- Siddipet District- Proc. No. G1/681/2017, Dated: 29-07-2017
  84. Land Acquisition-of Ac.17.0 Gts of land for construction-Siddipet Rural (m)-Gurralagondi(v) for Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir-Proc.No.G1/1347/2017,Dated-07.07.2017.
  85. Land Acquisition of Ac. 2.01 Gts.,at Dharmareddypally (v), Gajwel(m)- Coll-SDPT-Lr.No. G3/1523/2017, Dated: 01.07.2017.
  86. Formation of Bypass Road from Thimmareddypally to Ponnal (v), acquiring of land total extent Ac. 2.24½ Gts. situated at Marpadaga (v), Kondapak (m)- Lr.No. G3/884/2017, Dated: 28.06.2017.
  87. Land Acquisition-of Ac.367.20 Gts of patta land for construction-Gajwel(D)-Jagdevpur(M) for Kaleshwaram Project – Proc.No.G2-1765-2017,Dated-24.06.2017.
  88. Land Acquisition of Ac.1.29 Gts of land for construction of Siddipet Rural (M)Jakkapur(v)-Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No. G1/1373/2017-Dated-23.06.2017.
  89. Construction of Canal of MallannaSagar under Dr. Br. APCSSP, Siddipet in the limits  of Peddamasanpally(v), Thoguta (m) Coll-SDPT-Lr.No. G1/2334/2017-Dated 23.06.2017.
  90. Land Acquisition of Ac. 2.24 Gts for Bypass Road at Marpadaga vill, Kondapak Mdl, Lr. no. G3/884/2017, Dated 23.06.2017
  91. Land Acquiisition of Ac.26.34 Gts of Machapur(v) Chinnakodur(v) for Chevella Project- Proc.No. G1/2203/2017-Dated-16.06.2017.
  92. Land Acquisition of Ac. 1,4.31, Gts of for construction of Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram project, Velkatoor village-Siddipet-urban (m),Proc.No.G1/1029/2017, Dated16.06.2017.
  93. Land Acquisition of Ac. 15.14 Gts of land for construction ofRanganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram project, Pullur village – Siddipet Rural Mandal Proc.G1/1032/017,Dated-16.06.2017
  94. Land Acquisition of Ac. 41.06 Gts of land for construction of Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram Project- Nangnoor Mandal – Konaipalli village-Proc.No;G1/994/2017, Dated 16.06.2017.
  95. Land Acquisition of Ac.10.22Gts of Tdkapally(v), siddipet urban(m) for construction of Kalaeswaram -Mallanna sagar projec-Proc.No. G1/2193/17-Dated-16.06.2017.
  96. Land acquisition of Ac.56.10½ Gts of Mittapally(v0, Siddipet urban(m) for construction of Ranganayaka Sagar Project-Proc.No. G1/2192/2017-Dated-16.06.2017.
  97. Land Acquisition of Ac.56.14Gts of Chandlapur,Ramnacha villages of Chinnakodur(m)for construction of Ranganayakula Sagar resevoir-Proc.No.G1/2207/2017-Dated-16.06.2017.
  98. Land Acquisition of Ac. 79.08 Gts of Narayanaraopet (v),Siddipet-rural(m) for Kaleshwaram& Ranganayakula sagar project – Proc.No. G1/1212/2017-Dated-18.06.2017.
  99. Construction of Thotapally tank in the limits of Dacharam & Veerapur villages of Bejjanki (m) Coll-SDPT-Proc.No. G3/1571/2017, Dated: 13.06.2017.
  100. Construction of Percolation tank of Mahasamudram Gandiin the limits of  Ummapur (v), Husnabad (m), Coll-SDPT-Proc.No. G3/740/2017, Dated: 08.06.2017.
  101. Land Acquisition of Ac. 3.33 Gts of Muradbad(v), Nangnoor(m) for construction of Kaleshwaram & Rangaanayakula sagar project- Proc.No. G1/1458/2017, Dated-08.06.2017.
  102. Land Acquisition of Ac.43.02¾ Gts of Allipur(v),Chinnakodur(m) for Pranahitha Chevella Project-Proc.No.G1/2117/2017-Dated-08.06.2017.
  103. Land Acquisition of Ac.52.26Gts of Timmaipally, Nangnoor (m) for Kaleshwamaram project – Proc. No. G1/1427/2017, Dated 08.06.2017.
  104. Land Acquisition of Ac. 617.36 for Const. of Gouravelli Project at Gaouravelli vill, Akkanapet Mdl, Lr. No. G3/1062/2017. Dated 03.06.2017
  105. Land Acquisition of Ac. 70.15 gts, for const. of Percolation tank at Ummapur vill, Husnabad mdl,Lr. No. G3/740/2017.
  106. Land Acquisition of Ac.233.06 Gts, for Kondapochama Reservior at Markook Vill, Markook Mdl, Lr.No. G1/343/2016, Dt,27.05.2017
  107. Land Acquisition of Ac. 7.08 Gts for Railway line Kothapalli-Manoharabad at Dharmareddypally vill, Gajwel Mdl, Lr. No.G3.1523.2016,Dated. 22.05.2017
  108. Land Acquisition of Ac. 650.07 Gts, for const. of Kondapochama project at Pamulaparthy vill, Markook Mdl, Lr. No. G1/362/2016,Dt.19.05.2017
  109. Land Acquisition of Ac. 5.13 Gts for const. of Pochamma Sagar Resevior at Gouraram Vill, Gajwel Mdl, Lr. No. G2/459/2017, Dt. 16.05.2017
  110. Land Acquisition of Ac. 68.03 for Gouravelli Project at Dachara and Thotapally vill, Bejjanki Mdl, Lr. G3/89/2017, Dt. 08.05.2017
  111. Land Acquisition of Ac. 56.39½ for Mid Maner Reservior main right Canal at Dacharam vill, Bejjanki mdl, Lr.No. G3/1517/2017.
  112. Land Acquisition of Ac. 48.25½ for Gouravelli Project at Ramchandrapur and Narayanapur vill, Koheda Mdl, Lr., No. G3/917/2017.
  113. Land Acquisition of Ac. 75.33 Gts for Kondapochama Project at Thanedarapally vill, Mulugu Mdl, Lr.No. G/26/2016
  114. Land Acquisition of Ac. 14.03 Gts for Railway Line Kothapally-Manahorabad at Gourayapalli, Komuravelli Mdl, Lr.No.G3/1523/2016,Dt.21.04.2017
  115. Land Acquisition of Ac. 498.39 for Const. of Gouravelli Project at Gouravelli vill, Akkanapet Mdl, Lr. No. G3/1062/2017
  116. Land Acquisition of Ac. 323.39 for Const. of Gouravelli Project at Gouravelli vill, Akkanapet Mdl, Lr.No. G3/1062/2017
  117. Land Acquisition of Ac. 248.39½ for Const. of Gouravelli Project at Gouravelli vill, Akkanapet  Mdl, Lr. No. G2/715/2017, Dated 28.03.2017
  118. Land Acquisition-of Ac.22.36½ Gts of land Siddipet Rural Mandal-Raghavapur (v) for construction of  Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No. G1/1212/2017,Dated 28.03.2017
  119. Land Acquisition of Ac. 104.34½ Gts for J. Chokka Rao Irri. Project at Marpadaga vill, Kondapak Mdl, Lr.No. G2/547/2017, Dt. 28/03/2017
  120. Land Acquisition of Ac. 56.26 Gts of Yetigaddakistapur (v),Ac.  40.0525 Gts of Thoguta(v), 3.00 Gts of Pallepahad(v), 0.04 Gts of Tukkapur(v) of Thoguta Mandal- Proc. No. G1/1195/2017, Dated-27.03.2017.
  121. Land Acquisition of Ac. 19.20¾ & Ac. 18.03½ Gts.for Ranganayakula Reservior project at Ramancha & Chandlapur villages, chinnakodur (m), Proc.No. G1/1031/2017, Dated-17.03.2017.
  122. Land Acquisition of 2.01 Gts for Railway line Kothapally – Manoharabad at Dharmareddypally vill, Gajwel Mdl, Lr.No. D/218/2017.
  123. Land Acquisition of Ac. 26.25 Gts for Cosnt. of Kondapochama Project at Pamulaparthi vill, Markook Mdl, Lr.No. G1/362/2016, Dt. 07.04.2017
  124. . Land Acqquisition of 0.14 Gts of venkatapur (v), Nangnoor(m) for construction of Kaleshwaram Ranganayakula sagar project-Proc.No. A/519/2017-Dated-03.04.2017.
  125. Land Acquisition of Ac. 297.38½ for Thotapally reservior at Dacharam vill, Bejjanki mdl, Lr.No.G3/825/2017
  126. Land Acquisition of Ac. 44.10 Gts, for Kondapaochamma Reservior at Markook Vill, markook mdl, Lr. No. G1/ 343/2016.
  127. Land Acquisition of Ac.59.26¼ Gts of Tipparam(v) Kondapak(m) for construction of Mallanna Sagar project.
  128. Land Acquisition of Ac. 1356.01 Gts for const. of Kondapochama Project at Mamidyala vill, Mulugu Mdl, Lr.No. G2/460/2017, Dt.30.01.2017
  129. Land Acquisition of Ac. 185.30 Gts for Kondapochamma Sagar Reservior at Bahilampur vill, Mulugu mdl, Lr. No. G1/363/2016.