Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition

Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition
      1. Land Acquisition Notification of Duddeda, Kondapak Mandal, Siddipet District for TSIIC, Dated: 06.02.2018
      2. Land Acquisition  Notification of Gajwel(v) for Railway Line, Siddipet Dist Dated: 25.01.2018.
      3. Land Acquisition  Notification of Muddapur (V) Siddipet Dist Dated: 25.01.2018.
      4. Land Acquisition notification of Dharmareddypally (V) for GRR from Siddipet Dist Dated 25.01.2018
      5. LA of Structures existing in the Abadi Sy.No’s existing Thotapally MI Tank Laddabanda (v), Ho. Dacharam (V)
      6. Notification of Dommata Lingarajpally surampally and Chepyala villages (04) schedules, Siddipet District.
      7. Railway Line Land Acquisition Proc.No. G3/1523/2016, Dated. 23.11.2017
      8. Land Acquisition of Ac. 3614.23Gts,situated at Vemulaghat village of Thoguta Mandal,  Siddipet District for Komuravelli Mallana Sagar Project, Proc. G1/681/2017, Dated:23.11.2017.
      9. Land Acquisition of Ac. 124.l8 Gts, Ac. 136.29 Gts,  Ac. 133.10 Gts, and Ac,122.24 Gts situated at Akaram village of Gajwel Mandal, Markook (v) &(m) and Muddapur and Mangole village of Kondapak Mandal of Siddipet District for Kondapochama Sagar Reservior, Proc. G2/3058/2017, Dated:16.09.2017.
      10. Land Acquisition-of Ac.71.07 Gts of land for construction-Mulugu(m)-Bahilampur(v) for Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No.G1/363/2016,Dated-01.08.2017.
      11. Land Acquisition-of Ac.60.17 Gts of land for construction-Mulugu(m)-Mamidyala(v) for Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No.G2/460/2017,Dated-01.08.2017.