Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition

Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition
  1. Land Acquisition of Ac. 49.00 Gts situated within the limits of Gouravelli, Jangoan,Gandipalli villages, Akkanapet (m) for construction of Gouravelly Reservior, Dated: 16.03.2018.
  2. Land acquisition of Ac.3.10.25 Gts., situated at Kodakandla(v), Gajwel (m) for construction of BG Railway line between Manoharabad & Kothapally, Dated: 14.03.2018.
  3. Land Acquisition of Ac. 34.13 gts situated at Lingapur (v) thoguta (m) for construction of Right main canal of Mallana Sagar, Dated: 13.03.2018.
  4. Land Acquisition of Ac. 26.13.25 Gts., situated with in the limits of Gajwel (v) &(m) for construction of new BG Railway line between Manoharabad and Kothapally. Dated: 08.03.2018.
  5. Land Acquisition of Ac. 168.15 Gts of land situated at Mutrajpalli village, Gajwel mandal for construction of houses for R&R under Kaleshwaram project, Dated: 08.03.2018
  6. Land Acquisition of Ac.3.25 Gts of land situated at Narsapur Village, Siddipet urban mandal for construction of Sewerage Treatment Plant for the Municipal Council, siddipet Dated: 06.03.2018
  7. Land Acquisition notification of Ac.95.12 Gts., situated at Duddeda Village, Ac. 3.30 Gts., situated at Kuknoorpally village of Kondapak Mandal , Siddipet District for Construction of Railway line between Manoharabad to Kothapally, Dated: 03.03.2018
  8. Land Acquisition notification of Ac. 14.22, 20.09, 5.33,7.16-3/4 gts situated at Jangapalli, Almaspur, Lingareddypally and Chandlapur of Mirdoddi mandal, Siddipet urban and Chinnakodur Mandals, Siddipet Dist. Dated: 20.02.2018
  9. Land Acquisition notification Ac.0.28 and Ac.1.16 for Mallanna Sagar Reservoir at Dumpalli and Chellapur Villages, Dubbak Mandal Siddipet, Dated: 20.02.2018
  10. Land Acquisition of Ac.23.15 Gts for excavation & forming embankment of D-8 canal from KM 0.000 to L.560 in under MMR RS Canal from t7J50 to Km 36.725 & improvements to the Vadloor and Thotapally villages of Bejjanki Mandal – Ml Tank Online Reservoir
  11. Land Acquisition Notification of Duddeda, Kondapak Mandal, Siddipet District for TSIIC, Dated: 06.02.2018
  12. Land Acquisition  Notification of Gajwel(v) for Railway Line, Siddipet Dist Dated: 25.01.2018.
  13. Land Acquisition  Notification of Muddapur (V) Siddipet Dist Dated: 25.01.2018.
  14. Land Acquisition notification of Dharmareddypally (V) for GRR from Siddipet Dist Dated 25.01.2018
  15. LA of Structures existing in the Abadi Sy.No’s existing Thotapally MI Tank Laddabanda (v), Ho. Dacharam (V)
  16. Notification of Dommata Lingarajpally surampally and Chepyala villages (04) schedules, Siddipet District.
  17. Land Acquisition of Ac. 3614-23 Gts., of land for construction of Komuravelli Mallanna Sagar Reservior- Thoguta Mandal, Vemulaghat (Vill) – Siddipet District – Proc. No. G1/681/2017 , Dated: 24.11.2017
  18. Railway Line Land Acquisition Proc.No. G3/1523/2016, Dated. 23.11.2017