Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition

Publication of Preliminary Notification of Land Acquisition
  1. Land Acquisition of Ac. 124.l8 Gts, Ac. 136.29 Gts,  Ac. 133.10 Gts, and Ac,122.24 Gts situated at Akaram village of Gajwel Mandal, Markook (v) &(m) and Muddapur and Mangole village of Kondapak Mandal of Siddipet District for Kondapochama Sagar Reservior, Proc. G2/3058/2017, Dated:16.09.2017.
  2. Land Acquisition-of Ac.71.07 Gts of land for construction-Mulugu(m)-Bahilampur(v) for Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No.G1/363/2016,Dated-01.08.2017.
  3. Land Acquisition-of Ac.60.17 Gts of land for construction-Mulugu(m)-Mamidyala(v) for Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No.G2/460/2017,Dated-01.08.2017.
  4. Land Acquisition-of Ac.17.0 Gts of land for construction-Siddipet Rural (m)-Gurralagondi(v) for Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir-Proc.No.G1/1347/2017,Dated-07.07.2017.
  5. Land Acquisition of Ac. 2.01 Gts.,at Dharmareddypally (v), Gajwel(m)- Coll-SDPT-Lr.No. G3/1523/2017, Dated: 01.07.2017.
  6. Formation of Bypass Road from Thimmareddypally to Ponnal (v), acquiring of land total extent Ac. 2.24½ Gts. situated at Marpadaga (v), Kondapak (m)- Lr.No. G3/884/2017, Dated: 28.06.2017.
  7. Land Acquisition of Ac.1.29 Gts of land for construction of Siddipet Rural (M)Jakkapur(v)-Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram Project-Proc.No. G1/1373/2017-Dated-23.06.2017.
  8. Construction of Canal of MallannaSagar under Dr. Br. APCSSP, Siddipet in the limits  of Peddamasanpally(v), Thoguta (m) Coll-SDPT-Lr.No. G1/2334/2017-Dated 23.06.2017.
  9. Land Acquisition of Ac. 2.24 Gts for Bypass Road at Marpadaga vill, Kondapak Mdl, Lr. no. G3/884/2017, Dated 23.06.2017
  10. Land Acquiisition of Ac.26.34 Gts of Machapur(v) Chinnakodur(v) for Chevella Project- Proc.No. G1/2203/2017-Dated-16.06.2017.
  11. Land Acquisition of Ac. 1,4.31, Gts of for construction of Ranganayakula Sagar Reservoir under Kaleshwaram project, Velkatoor village-Siddipet-urban (m),Proc.No.G1/1029/2017, Dated16.06.2017.