Happy International Women’s Day – 2018


Name of the Officer                   :VINEELA KONTHAM

Designation                                   :Assistant Labour Officer, Siddipet

Place of Birth                                :Suryapet

Date of Entry in Govt. Job         :17-10-2002

First Posting as                             :School Assistant

Women is a symbol of strength. She can change the world around.women are the real ARCHITECTS of society. A Women makes the life complete as a Mother, Wife daughter, sister and many other roles. She deserves the love, care, respect and equal opportunities from the society for the roles she play. I just wanted to thank God from bottom of my heart for all the beauty, love, care, affection, kindness, courage, intelligence has given to women. So be proud to be a women “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY TO EVERY WOMEN”



Name of the Officer                     : G. Prashanthi

Designation                                     : District Employment Officer

Place of Birth                                  : Hyderabad

Date of Entry in Govt. Job            : 13-12-2017

First Posting as                               :District Employment officer

On one hand where women are equally involved with men in launching rockets, on the other hand some women are not even allowed to play sports once they reach puberty. No doubt, according to Global gender gap report, achieving gender parity is still 200 years away. This women’s day, let’s break or challenge these stereotypes against women. Let women be educated along with men and pursue any area of her interest whether sports, academics etc,m let us respect and share the work done by women specially in home whether cooking or childcare. Let’s forge positive visibility of women in society like politics, administration, business, culture etc., At the same time, women should make ourselves stronger and not use women hood and responsibilities which come with it as an excuse from work. A gender inclusive society is holistic and progressive society “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY ALL !!”  

Name of the Officer                     : Smt. Katreddy Rama Laxmi

Designation                                     : District Horticulture & Seri. Officer

Place of Birth                                  : Banaganepally, Kurnool

Date of Entry in Govt. Job            : 09-07-1990

First Posting as                               :District Horticulture & Seri. Officer

A Women is an epitome of beauty, wisdom and care. International Women’s Day celebrates the power of women -their rights and role in our lives and society. A women in any form shall be celebrated and honoured, be it, a sister or a wife or a  mother or any other form.

These Women’s Day quotes not only honour the power of a woman but also highlight their suffrage, pain and anguishes that they have successfully battled over the years. “HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY”